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TwitterMail sporadically tweeting

Frederick Scanner 28-Jan-2011 06:33:08

Hi I forward email to my twittermail account to be posted on twitter. I noticed that a majority of tweets get there, but not all. Are there any guidelines behind what does and does not auto post to twitter through twittermail? For instance, if a tweet is too long? am I allowed to use hashtags? can the hashtag be first in the tweet? etc. Are there any other reasons why I would be dropping tweets? Thanks.

Sam Wierema 28-Jan-2011 06:49:54

There could be several reasons why a tweet is dropped or not tweeted, including an error on the Twitter API, an error in parsing the message, the email being delivered to our spam box, etc...

Unfortunately we have no way of monitoring these issues at present and I can therefore not offer a solution to the problem. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Frederick Scanner 15-Feb-2011 16:12:07

Thanks Sam... So... There are no formatting rules to a tweet that would cause the tweet not to post? I have had many tweets (not all) dropped today. Here is a tweet that I tried (several times) to post via twittermail. It never made it as is:

#Frederick -
1 of 2 Northbound shoulders closed.
Created: 2/15/2011 4:58:55 PM by TOC7.

Oh, also, I use a cut-off phrase of "Created:". Thanks for the help!

Sam Wierema 16-Feb-2011 04:18:01

As far as I can tell there would be no reason to drop that particular email, or any other format for that matter. But unfortunately I can't check that.

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