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The function "Export all to Excel (CSV)" does not work

Annika Jubbega 26-Jan-2011 16:45:05

I like to download different data in an excel for a longer time period. Yesterday I could download data through this buton, but now the downloaded document appears to be empty.

Sam Wierema 27-Jan-2011 11:43:00

Hi Annika, is it completely empty or does it have any text in it? If so, what does it say?

Annika Jubbega 28-Jan-2011 04:55:48

It is completely empty....

Sam Wierema 28-Jan-2011 05:00:05

Hi Annika, we're looking into the matter. Does it also matter whether you download the report for one user, or the report for all users?

Annika Jubbega 28-Jan-2011 05:13:15

If I download the reports for seperate account there is no problem. But then I only have data for three months. The function export all to excel gave me more data (for all users).

Sam Wierema 28-Jan-2011 05:15:44

Thank you for the information, it makes it easier for us to pinpoint the issue. I'll write an update once I have more information.

Sam Wierema 28-Jan-2011 06:01:28

Hi Annika, I've implemented a bug fix for this issue, could you test and confirm whether the "All" export is working again?

Annika Jubbega 02-Feb-2011 10:02:00

Thanks, it works again :)

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