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Twitter Counter not working

Percoco Marble 24-Jan-2011 09:32:41

I like a # of other users am having problems getting twitter counter connected to a twitter account (for work). I am using safari because I have my personal twitter account logged in on Chrome and FF is having problems (I think the FF problems are related to the NoScript add-on though). So upper left corner is a "?" icon the "@" symbol and a down arrow/triangle, no user name or pic. I can log out, but when I log-in again, same thing. When I go to "My Stats" it brings up the page to "Add yourself to Twitter Counter and enjoy the following features:" Clicking on the button on this page pops up a redirecting to twitter window that stays blank and then goes away (the first time it asked me if I wanted to allow access to my twitter account, but now it is just a blank page). After to pop-up closes I am re-directed to the settings page (which shows the email address I originally entered). I tried to uninstall the visitor widget (Revoke access) but all it did was end up with another copy installed (thinking it hadn't been installed correctly)... What do I do now?

Sam Wierema 26-Jan-2011 11:34:35

Thank you for the detailed explanation. This will help us in determining the root cause of this issue.

As you can see your avatar is now loaded as should be your stats. You can check out your page at

Mike 26-Jan-2011 15:55:31

It appears this came thru finally. Thank you for your help.

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