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Why can Twitter Counter not find my Twitter Account?

Coquet Cottages 15-Jan-2011 17:56:45

The stats are incorrect, it sees I have a profile but then lists 'zero' follows, 'zero' following, etc. The name is definitely keyed in correctly. Is this a scam or something?

Jorg Ruis 17-Jan-2011 02:36:49

Hi, we just checked your profile and the stats are correct now and weren't probably updated yet because we might not have got all the data from Twitter. From now on your stats & graph should be correct.

We hope you enjoy TwitterCounter -

Coquet Cottages 17-Jan-2011 02:40:44

Thank you, yes they seem fine now, I think there's a delay when you first register - it might be worth pointing that out somewhere for other people new to the site.

Jorg Ruis 17-Jan-2011 03:09:47

Thank you for the feedback - usually the stats are correct when you sign in. If not there's a manual update link on the page next to your name - we're working on making this stand out more as some people miss it.

Krack Ho 17-Jan-2011 15:26:46

Same problem for me... ??

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