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Troubles with account 15-Jan-2011 11:09:29

I have troubles with this new account.
After logging via Twitter both accounts don't seem to be link successful. There is no picture and user name in the upper left corner. I can't see any stats. If I re-login I'm always redirected to the settings page.
Any suggestions?

Sam Wierema 19-Jan-2011 05:22:24

This has been resolved, as the username and picture now show up

Ashley Porter 20-Jan-2011 00:18:45

I am having the same problem. I just signed up today and when I go to click on Stats I am simply re-directed to enter my settings.

How do I fix this?

Percoco Marble 20-Jan-2011 13:53:30

I seem to be having the same problem...

Jeremy Vanderburg 22-Jan-2011 12:27:17

+1 - I am also having this issue with my account. What can I do to resolve this?

Sam Wierema 25-Jan-2011 04:19:00

@jtvanderb and @ashleyuporter: are you still experiencing these issues?

Ashley Porter 28-Jan-2011 13:03:05

No I was finally able to access my stats...not sure what happened but everything works now...Thanks Sam

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