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How do I get stats for all my accounts?

Alabama Gulf Coast 10-Jan-2011 13:52:56

I have a premium account but can only see the "retweets" and "mentions" for one twitter page. How do I get them for multiple accounts rather than just the basic stats I currently see?

Sam Wierema 11-Jan-2011 03:47:05

As a premium subscriber you have access to the extra statistics for one account, the account you've signed up with.

If you'd like these extra statistics for other accounts you'd need to sign up each account separately.

Ben Bateman 11-Jan-2011 09:56:06

I'll be honest, this is a little bit missleading. I was looking at another twitter account. To look at additional features it says to go premium, but because I wasn't currently signed in with that account it didn't provide premium features to the account I was looking at. While I could have logged out it would have been nice to have a warning that a premium account is limited to only one twitter account.

Is there anywhere to transfer my premium account to a different account. Do I need to grab a refund and purchase again?

Sam Wierema 12-Jan-2011 03:56:49

Hi Ben, thanks for your comments. We will take that with us in our next iteration.

To answer your question: you need to cancel your account (the one you don't want) via the Settings page first. Then you need to sign up with the account you want data for.

Alabama Gulf Coast 12-Jan-2011 07:50:31

Thanks for answering. I know now I have to have separate accounts, and that I have to log out of Twitter for one account before I can log back in to TwitterCounter to see the other account. So...when I originally login at TwitterCounter, you automatically "feed" me the login for Twitter so that you can access the account. Could you do the reverse? When I log out of TC, could you not offer me the option to log out of that Twitter account? It's a lot of logging in and out when you manage 14 accounts!!!

Sam Wierema 17-Jan-2011 06:28:46

This is something that we are now discussing, but it will probably not become available for some time, if ever.

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