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o pagamento não pode ser em reais?

Claudia da Rosa 07-Jan-2011 16:15:10

estou no Brasil como pago em reais?

Sam Wierema 07-Jan-2011 16:24:58

Could you rephrase your question in English?

Claudia da Rosa 07-Jan-2011 16:48:23

can the pay to be in reais(brazilian money)?

Claudia da Rosa 07-Jan-2011 16:49:39

do you don't have a Google Translater?Everybody use!

Sam Wierema 09-Jan-2011 09:02:01

Hi Claudia, unfortunately we do not accept payments in Reais, only US dollars.

Claudia da Rosa 09-Jan-2011 11:27:09

thanks for reply

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