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Stats per time zone not working?

Christos Tsanos 07-Jan-2011 06:48:32

Hi and thanks for the effort you're putting into this Q&A. I've noticed that since a couple of months the top twitterer lists per time zone are off. Is it some bug that needs to get fixed, some update that hasn't finished yet, or whatnot?


Sam Wierema 09-Jan-2011 08:51:29

Hi Christos. I see that the time zone pages are actually not working at the moment so I can't check. I've added this as a bug and we'll check it out.

Christos Tsanos 15-Mar-2011 03:26:45

Hi again. The stats per time zone did start working for a few weeks after our communication (above) but now they're permanently down again (e.g., Athens) or randomly available at for other time zones. Just FYI.

Sam Wierema 15-Mar-2011 06:24:13

Hi Christos. Apparently the caches are automatically purging themselves when they shouldn't. I've increased the renewal time on the cache to if that keeps the pages alive.

Thanks for notifying us.

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