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Your Retweet count is inaccurate

Xstrology™ 03-Jan-2011 19:48:02

In the Excel spreadsheet, any particular tweets "Times retweeted" count is exceptionally lower than Twitters retweet number for the same tweet. Why is there such a huge discrepancy between these two numbers?

Sam Wierema 04-Jan-2011 05:16:58

This shouldn't happen since we get the official number of retweets from the Twitter API. Which, by all means, should reflect the current number of retweets in Twitter. I've added this as a bug and we will look at it this week.

Xstrology™ 12-Jan-2011 04:54:47

It's been over a week and the retweet count is still off. All the tweets from 1/11 shown in the Excel spreadsheet have about 50-70 retweets. According to the Twitter Retweet tab accessed via the website, these same retweets have anywhere from 500-1200 retweets. To say there is a huge discrepancy in reporting is an understatement.

I signed up for your serviced SPECIFICALLY to receive retweet stats.

Sam Wierema 19-Jan-2011 05:15:02

I've been looking at a sample of your tweets from the 11th of January and the numbers seem to match up (mostly) in our records. I can't say for sure, because Twitter indicates 100+ and not an exact number.

Please also be aware that we only track retweets for a week after the original tweet was made, so any retweet after that date will not be recorded.

A second thing to note is that retweets might not appear because we have no data for a user that has retweeted your tweets. We try to get the records for these users immediately, but sometimes this process fails.

If this issue is still going on, please contact me at so we can check your records together and in more detail.

Xstrology™ 25-Jan-2011 03:44:43

1 week of data is fine. It would be cool if I could select one day out of the week instead for smaller data files.

Email sent.

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