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Can starting date of stats be changed ?

seeke 29-Dec-2010 19:16:34

I started tweeting around Sept/Oct 2010 and not Dec 2008 as mentioned in stats. This gives a wrong stat result. Is the starting date a fixed parameter or can it be modified?

seeke 29-Dec-2010 19:17:04

See abouve

Jorg Ruis 30-Dec-2010 03:01:09

Hi Seeke001,

It could be that the username was taken before you and that we got a record from Twitter back in November 2008. Unfortunately we cannot change this.

The data we show in the graph is from the beginning you've started tweeting: September 9th and is correct.

seeke 30-Dec-2010 13:33:50

OK, thanks.
It is very interesting anyway, the information that you provide :)

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