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Mysteriously Un Named!??? Help!!!

(ړײ) OnlineDon 28-Dec-2010 15:11:39

Is this a Bug- Virus - Trojan
JUst appeared on my twitter remote! What should I do.

(ړײ) OnlineDon 28-Dec-2010 15:12:57

The icon read "bpc"

(ړײ) OnlineDon 28-Dec-2010 15:59:38

Hi Sam,
I have deleted the installed code.
then copied new from your site and activated it.
Seems to back to normal can't explain why the header showed a different account even when I went into my account here showed my name with stats from who know where?

(ړײ) OnlineDon 28-Dec-2010 16:01:19

The name that was showing in the counter icon was "Flavio with 2091 as the count"
Hope you had a nice holiday ...

(ړײ) OnlineDon 28-Dec-2010 23:59:24

Flavio with 2091 as the count" is now back on my site I think you have a seious Security leaks...

(ړײ) OnlineDon 29-Dec-2010 01:40:40

Hi Sam,
I have completely deleted everything from my blog and went back to your site.
Some how this account "Flavio with 2091 as the count" is connected to my button.

The code on your site reads the correct info. but the buttons show this Flavio .
please I have sent you an email also.

(ړײ) OnlineDon 29-Dec-2010 02:07:26

here is a copy of your code:

Mysteriously Unnamed on Twitter

Why does it read "Mysteriously Unnamed on Twitter"

Arjen Schat 29-Dec-2010 04:30:49

Hi @OnlineDon,

We found the problem. Twitter send us the wrong information in some cases. So no hackers. We are working on a fix.


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