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Delete Twittermail "Overflow" Link?

SMS Secrets 26-Dec-2010 05:25:08

A post was accidentally triggered for an email forwarded by a Gmail filter that shouldn't have triggered. I deleted the tweet from Twitter, but how do I now find the Twittermail "overflow" link from the web so the contents of that deleted tweet cannot be found? I'm talking about the link in the tweet that leads to a where the entire message can be seen. Please help!

Arjen Schat 29-Dec-2010 04:55:07

Can you email the message id to me on I'll delete the message for you.

SMS Secrets 03-Jan-2011 07:09:54

The problem is that I deleted the tweet from Twitter before writing down the link. The Twittermail link is not deleted when I delete from Twitter and can therefore be found with Google or other search engine. Isn't there a way we can see and manage all 'click for more' links that are generated thru our Twittermail accounts??

Sam Wierema 03-Jan-2011 08:31:04

There is currently no way to do that. However, if you could tell me the link for the tweet I could delete it from our database.

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