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Why aren't my stats updating?

Justin McLachlan 19-Dec-2010 08:59:20

Graph hasn't updated since Dec. 16 ... same on all browsers and after clearing the cache. Other users are updating, though.

Tim Burt 19-Dec-2010 12:28:16

Same here for me? Can you fix this problem?

배운철 20-Dec-2010 00:40:16

My graph hasn't updated since Dec. 16, too. -_-;;

Pablo Román 20-Dec-2010 02:36:52

Hi guys, we're aware of this temporary issue and we're working on a fix. I'll keep you updated when I know more.

배운철 20-Dec-2010 02:41:39

Hi~ Pablo
Thanks for your quick reply~
I'm waiting for your good news. ^^

Pablo Román 20-Dec-2010 04:39:47

Hi again, we figured out the problem. Your stats should be working fine and all the stats will be also fixed over the next hours as we update them. Sorry for any problems caused!

배운철 20-Dec-2010 05:10:45

Thanks Pablo & Twittercounter ~ ^^

Tim Burt 20-Dec-2010 10:06:02

My twitter bird and stats are still not completely coming through on my website. Same problem I've encountered. Plus, it takes very long for the bird and number to come through when it does load (in the past - it's not coming up at all now.)

Thank you for your help!

Theresa Maria Napa 20-Dec-2010 19:17:16

For months my stats have been the same even though I have several hundred new followers in my email. I have posted this error three times to Twitter support. Thanking you in advance for your help.

배운철 21-Dec-2010 09:52:04

Dear Pablo~ T_T
My stats are not updating again.
Plz help my stats.

배운철 21-Dec-2010 09:54:23

Oh~ That's OK.
My stats are working now~ ^^

Theresa Maria Napa 28-Dec-2010 18:52:39

My stats @LeaderCoachTM are still not updating and showing decline whereas my Twitter notices show several hundred new followers. ????? Help would be greatly appreciated. This has been going on for months!

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