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Date is inconcert added followers missing

Loesje v/d Posters 18-Dec-2010 10:34:56

Seems like the date doens't go past the 16 of dec onymore

Kevin Green 18-Dec-2010 13:38:47

I am having this same problem

Hunter Pecunia 19-Dec-2010 08:00:00

same here :) maybe everybody is on holiday break !!!

Loesje v/d Posters 19-Dec-2010 08:14:02

Or just weekend break :-0

Pablo Román 20-Dec-2010 02:51:14

Hi guys, we are sorry for this. We're working to fix this temporary issue, I'll keep you updated when I know more.

Pablo Román 20-Dec-2010 04:44:24

This problem is fixed now. All the graphs should start showing updated results within the next hours.

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