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  1. Dr.Eddy M.D.
    Dr.Eddy M.D.

    Family Medicine M.D. at focus on Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine,raw food

  2. Lee eun
    Lee eun

    오늘과 내일은 전혀 다르다. 내일이라고 하는 것은 오늘이 계속 되어 가는 것이 아니다...

  3. Arif Jemali
    Arif Jemali

    My tweets might hurt . If you can't think , don't read my tweet.

  4. ◐ SHAMIL ZAIN ◐

    Belajarlah Dari Kesilapan Kerana Ia Akan Mematangkan Diri Anda #Penang #20Years

  5. Fazley Yaakob
    Fazley Yaakob

    #MasterChefMY Selebriti Champion / Panasonic, AVON & @treasuredropMY Brand Ambassador / Head Chef of @SukaSucre & @PotnKettleCafe / Boss of @fiproMY

  6. Cheong Kok Weng
    Cheong Kok Weng

    May these postings be helpful, fruitful and profitable. May you have a pleasant and rewarding day.

  7. Imran Ajmain
    Imran Ajmain

    Singer-Songwriter signed to @fiproMY, join my fanclub @imtiaz4IA, #SetulusKasih on Spotify & iTunes now. Creative head behind @sukasucre. Whatsapp +60107936510

  8. Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee

    Grand Master of Customer Delight @PostPlanner Average joe, introvert but loves engaging online, avid cappuccino drinker.

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  10. Brian Curnow
    Brian Curnow

    Publisher, Author, Journalist, IT Consultant - New Technology, High Speed Rail, Electric Cars, Solar Energy WOW!

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