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So how does it work?

In total, we track over 192 million Twitter users, generate 70.000 pageviews a day and have over 822.000 monthly visits. When you're a featured member you get approximately 1 Twitter follower on every 100 views.

  • Awesome control panel

    Manage your campaigns and study your growth in Twitter followers from your report page.

  • Targeting & scheduling

    Maximize conversion by targeting your audience and scheduling your campaign.

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You pay for the number of pageviews you want to be promoted. Your profile will be visible on the Twitter Counter homepage, the sidebar and on the top 100 user list. Additionally, you will be featured on the homepage of our sister site

Look who's talking!

  • “As Chris McLaughlin's social media manager I'm always looking for the best tools and strategies available to 1) attract high quality and relevant followers and 2) do so efficiently. Twitter Counter has managed to meet both criteria nicely, and the service continues to impress me with great results.”

    Chris McLaughlin
    Social Media Consultant
  • “TAs my next book neared completion, I decided to try a Featured plan for promotion and I was extremely pleased with the results. If you're saying something interesting and wish to get people following you and talking with you, Twitter Counter can be a very helpful tool to get you there!”

    Trent Hamm
    Author 365 Ways to Live Cheap
  • “This is an amazing tool which can help you to promote your service, book or movie! Giving you the ability to connect with people that actually are interested in your product and for that I would say Twitter Counter is a huge asset - an indispensable one!”

    Rachel Warner
    Filmmaker White Lotus Film

Want our advice? Choose a monthly plan. Monthly accounts get 20% more followers than one-time accounts for the same price!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How many followers will I gain?

    Being showed on our pages means that you can be followed by every visitor of Twitter Counter and Twitaholic. We cannot guarantee anything, but our estimation is that featured users get approximately 1 new twitter follower for every 100 views.

  • Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    No, there are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay month-to-month. You can cancel any time, and you won't be billed again. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so from your Featured User report page

  • If I buy now, when will I be featured?

    In most cases you'll be featured within a week. The exact date and time depends on the traffic. On your report page you'll find a hourly update when you'll be activated. Upon activation we'll send an email.

  • How long will I be featured?

    Depending on the amount of views you buy, your campaign will run between one day to a couple of weeks.

  • I only want my campaign to be shown in a selected geographic location.

    That is possible. You can change your target geographic location on your Featured User report page.

    There is a small chance you might get new followers from other locations. The reason why is because some of our users have opted in to follow new featured users.

  • What if I don't want to spend all my views at once?

    That's up to you. You can set a limit to the number of daily views, so you can spread out your campaign.

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