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Twitter Counter started as a self funded startup based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Today with +550,000 monthly visits and 2,1 million page views it has grown in to the number 1 stats site for Twitter users. Twitter Counter became profitable within the first 6 months after launch and has been growing phenomenally ever since.

Twitter Counter provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks over 180 million users and counting. Next to that it offers Pro Twitter Stats for even more powerful statistics and sells featured spots on its website to people who want to gain more followers. Twitter Counter also offers a variety of widgets and buttons that people can add to their blogs, websites or social network profiles to show recent Twitter visitors and number of followers. Every day it generates more than 4 million of those widgets on thousands of websites all over the web.

We are hiring

Twitter Counter is looking for a full time PHP developer. We are looking for somebody:

  • Self motivated.
  • Couple of years coding experience.
  • Experience with svn/git.
  • Unit testing.
  • Preferably CakePHP experience.
  • Likes to try new technology to optimize site speed and reliability

Our HQ is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Contact Arjen for more information.


On May 27, 2008 we organized a conference in Amsterdam titled Kings of Code. At that event Arjen Schat (co-founder) and I (Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten) were talking to a reader of The Next Web blog. I asked this person if he was subscribed to our RSS feed. he told us 'No, I follow you on Twitter and that works better for me than RSS". I was amazed and when he walked away I turned to Arjen and said "If more people are going to follow us via Twitter instead of via RSS then we have to build Feedburner for Twitter!". Arjen agreed but told me he didn't have time to start on it right away.

Knowing a little PHP myself I decided to spend my weekend trying to come up with a prototype. After one weekend I had a simple website but most things didn't work yet. The weekend after that (June 7 & 8) I solved most of the tough issues (like generating images with GD) and on Monday June 9 I showed a working prototype to my partners.

Arjen loved the idea from the start and we agree to work on it for a few weeks and launch it quickly. We dropped what we were doing and started polishing the service. Only 2 days later we decided that Twitter Counter, as basic as it was, was good enough to launch. So we did.

Twitter Counter

On June 12, 2008 we launched the site and Ernst-Jan wrote a post about us on announcing the service. The title was "Twitter Counter: Feedburner for Twitter". The first Twitter Counter badge quickly became popular around the web and we updated it frequently adding multiple colors, animated counts and different sizes. Soon people all around the web started adding them to their blogs. That first month (June 2008) we displayed 3,7 million buttons. In our second month, July 2008, we displayed 11,8 million buttons and in August we displayed 18,6 million buttons. March 2009 was the first month when we displayed more than 100 million buttons in one month.

Twitter Widget

On February 12, 2009 we launched a new widget called TwitterRemote (later renamed to simply Twitter Widget). You can see it in the sidebar here on the right. Just as Twitter Counter could be described as Feedburner for Twitter you could say that TwitterRemote is like MyBlogLog for Twitter. It shows you which Twitter users visit your site or blog. We displayed 2,9 million TwitterRemote widgets in February, 6,8 Million in March and 7,8 million in April 2009.

What do we track

Twitter Counter may use cookies to collect and display data about your Twitter account when you visit third-party websites with The Visitor Widget installed. To disable this functionality you can log out of Twitter Counter. For more information please review our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.


We are a self funded startup based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and love to hear from our users. Let us know how you feel about Twitter Counter and TwitterRemote and what extra features or improvements you would like to see.

Oh, and follow us on twitter! @Boris, @ArjenSchat, @SamWierema and @PabloRoman.


Want to write about us? If you need a test account for Twitter Stats, Featured User or need data for a post, simply drop us an e-mail.

We're also happy to provide you with screenshots on the different options of Twitter Stats or Featured User, just let us now. You can download our logo here.

Twitter Counter logo


Guy Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki
Co-founder of Alltop

"I check on my Twitter Counter stats so many times a day that it scares me. I don't think it's just me that does this because there are only two kinds of Twitter users: those that want more followers and those that are lying."

Bijan Sabet Bijan Sabet
Twitter board member

"Since the day it first came out, I've been running the Twitter widget on It's a fantastic way to interact with folks that are nice enough to visit my blog. And I've discovered & now follow lots of new people on Twitter as a result. Well done Boris!"

Steve Rubel Steve Rubel
Author of the Micro Persuasion blog

"Every Twitter user is influential - no matter how many followers he/she may have. Twitter Counter is a great resource that makes it easy to show your number off if you are so inclined. It's great fun and one of my favorite tools."

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