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Jobs at Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is amongst the largest and most likely the best service for statistics and actionable insights into Twitter accounts, powering the account growth and social media success of thousands of customers and millions of users. But hey, that’s only scratching the surface...

We are now growing our team, leveraging our current market position and significantly expanding our service - finding the next big thing in social media management alongside our current successful SaaS product. One deploy at a time we’re leapfrogging towards (social media marketing) world domination!

We believe in technology innovation, agile and lean product development, execution and providing a great customer experience. That’s our competitive edge and it is 100% dependant on each and every member of our tight, dynamic, international and super-talented team.

This is why we insist on having only the right kind of people work with us: talented, passionate and ambitious engineers, marketing and business pros that are after in making an impact and being on a winning team.

Our office is one of the coolest in town - young, fun, central, versatile and with the best view of the Nieuwe Keizersgracht canal.

  • An amazing opportunity to join us in this accelerated growth period as one of the core members.
  • A small, international (11 different nationalities till now!) and FUN team. To us, it’s more than just a work place.
  • Working in the heart of Amsterdam, the hottest coworking office space in town.
  • Great personalized lunch delivered by the really fantastic de Buurtboer.
  • A swanky, new laptop of your choice. The best tools money can buy.
  • We focus on performance, not hours, and so you would be able to occasionally work remotely or at flexible hours.

Lead UX/UI Designer


You will be hands-on leading all aspects of design in the company: our web app, mobile app and marketing materials.
Initially, the the focus will be on UI design of new and exciting (that is to say challenging) features in the web app while continuing the current line, designing our mobile app from scratch and bringing our product marketing communication materials to an effective, stable level. Later on, the focus will switch to creating a brand new design which you will lead and oversee the implementation of.

You will be working as a part of the product team and make sure we deliver the highest quality UI, you will lead usability studies for new and existing features and occasionally design promotional materials.

Who we think will be a great fit

  • Over and above everything else - you’re a designer and a creative one at that. You know what works and can explain why. You can lead the company to a kick-ass, hyper-modern design.
  • You have 4+ years of full time web and mobile UI design experience.
  • Ample experience in internet product design.
  • Fantastic ability to design simple and powerful user flows for the best UX.
  • You have the ambition to lead the design activities, yet you love designing yourself and are highly productive at it.
  • You have good working knowledge of HTML & CSS coding and you know your way around front-end script languages like Javascript (native, and frameworks like jQuery).
  • Having no problem switching between projects on the fly; working on multiple projects at once.
  • You feel comfortable going at it alone sometimes, when the situation calls for it.
  • Great eye for detail, you've easily spotted the spelling mistake(s) in this job description.
  • Passionate about the internet and web-app design trends, you have a rather solid view of how things should be designed well.
  • You are living or want to live in or around Amsterdam.
  • You are comfortable speaking English throughout the day. We are quite an international team.

How to apply

Please hit the button below to apply. Make sure you direct us to your portfolio, attach your CV and tell us about who you are and why this position may be right for you.

Yes! I want to apply!