Meet the Twitter Counter team: Joey


A few weeks ago we started introducing the masterminds behind Twitter Counter. Julio, our awesome backend engineer was the first of our team to answer three “hot” questions. This week put your hands together for Joey! So, Joey… 1. Tells us a bit about yourself. I was born and raised on the sunny island of …

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These are the most epic brand Twitter fails

Twitter fail

Last Monday US Airways tweeted an image that was definitely not-safe-for-work! The tweet that remained on the airline’s Twitter feed for about an hour before it was removed, included a link to an extremely graphic pornographic image and was sent as a response to a customer. The company later apologized, explaining that the image was …

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4 ways the new Twitter redesign influences your Twitter stats


Twitter started rolling out a brand new profile redesign for its web platform yesterday. But what does this actually mean to your Twitter stats? Let’s take a look at all the changes: Best tweets are highlighted Tweets with higher engagement will appear slightly bigger on your timeline making your best performing content easy to spot at …

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Game of Thrones Season 4: All the Twitter stats you need to know


The highly anticipated Game of Thrones season 4 premiered last night and the realm got overwhelmed with excitement! But instead of sending a raven, the show’s fans chose Twitter to spread the news. For the past week, we’ve been monitoring Game of Thrones on the Twitterverse using our “Twitter Tracker” tool to gather all the …

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5 proven tips to gain more Twitter followers


Whether you are a Twitter newbie or an experienced Tweeter, there’s one question that’s always there: “How do I gain more Twitter followers?” The answer lies within these 5 quick tips that will help you increase your Twitter audience, and (why not?) become a Twitter millionaire! Show people that you’re actually on Twitter This may …

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Meet the Twitter Counter team: Julio


Since last week we shared with you our first tweets, we thought it’d be fun to put a face to the Twitter handles as well. So we decided that every now and then, each of us will have to answer three simple questions in more than 140 characters. This week it’s Julio! The lucky winner of …

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Are you making these 5 Twitter mistakes?


Twitter can be a great tool for establishing your brand, building a community and extending your influence. But to get the most out of Twitter and do all of the above, first you need to avoid making these common mistakes. 1. Starting a tweet with someone’s username First time I learned about this tip, I …

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For Twitter’s 8 birthday, we look back at the first of the first tweets

TheCounter first tweet

Twitter is turning 8 today! And inevitably, this week has turned into a trip down memory lane, recalling Twitter moments from the past eight years and of course celebrating Twitter’s birthday. So we had an idea! Inspired by Twitter’s saying that there’s a first tweet for everything, we made our mission to dig up some first tweets! What did …

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Twitter is eight: A trip down memory lane


Our favorite social network is turning 8 this week! And for an 8-year old, we must say it has achieved quite a lot! From Jack Dorsey’s first tweet to Ellen’s most retweeted selfie in the history, Twitter has gone a long way in the past years. As you can imagine, we’ve been sharing lots of Twitter …

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Vox is nailing it on Twitter and the reason is not its content

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 17.00.24

The latest addition to the online media landscape is called Vox and we have to say, it looks very promising. Have you read any of its news articles yet? Oh wait, you can’t because there aren’t any! Vox soft launched last week but it has already become Twitter’s favorite, even without having published any actual news …

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