Game of Thrones Season 4: All the Twitter stats you need to know


The highly anticipated Game of Thrones season 4 premiered last night and the realm got overwhelmed with excitement! But instead of sending a raven, the show’s fans chose Twitter to spread the news. For the past week, we’ve been monitoring Game of Thrones on the Twitterverse using our “Twitter Tracker” tool to gather all the …

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Who is winning the Game of Twitter in Westeros?


Inspired by the spirit of April Fools’ day and the new Game of Thrones season coming this Sunday, we asked ourselves this question: Who is ruling the Game of Twitter over at Westeros? Jon Snow might know nothing, but he knows Twitter and surely the night is dark and full of terrors but that didn’t …

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For Twitter’s 8 birthday, we look back at the first of the first tweets

TheCounter first tweet

Twitter is turning 8 today! And inevitably, this week has turned into a trip down memory lane, recalling Twitter moments from the past eight years and of course celebrating Twitter’s birthday. So we had an idea! Inspired by Twitter’s saying that there’s a first tweet for everything, we made our mission to dig up some first tweets! What did …

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3 Twitter lessons you must learn from the Oscars


This year’s Oscars will be memorable for many different reasons. For example, for the most epic selfie in the history of Twitter or for poor Leo not winning the Oscar. Again! More than this, the Oscars can definitely teach some very important lessons about tweaking your Twitter performance. Let’s take a look! Small mistakes can be …

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Ellen DeGeneres steals Barack Obama’s Twitter record, Frank Underwood photobombs it

Ellen Oscars

Last night was an Oscar night. And though the winners surely were on the spotlight, there’s one person who kind of stole their thunder. Ellen DeGeneres won the Oscar on Twitter in one single tweet! All she had to do? Take a selfie with a dozen movie stars. If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best …

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11 unforgettable Twitter moments from the Sochi Olympics

Sochi Twitter Moments

The Sochi Olympics are officially over but they sure left us with some unique, memorable Twitter moments. Let’s take a look: Opening Ceremony Who can forget the Olympic rings malfunction during the opening ceremony? Was it a sign for what was to follow? One thing’s for sure: this moment got tweeted like no other! Four …

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Sochi Problems wins the Twitter Games

Sochi Problems

The Sochi Winter Olympics launched last Friday and they have already taken Twitter by the storm! From malfunctions at the opening ceremony to the Games’ first gold medalists to team Norway’s stylistic choices, it has all been tweeted and retweeted countless times, making the Sochi Games viral. Yet, there has been one “olympic” Twitter phenomenon that …

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What happens to your Twitter account once you are Microsoft’s CEO?

After four years of idleness, his first tweet is about his commitments as a Microsoft’s CEO. first commitment as CEO…i won’t wait 4 years between tweets! — Satya Nadella (@satyanadella) February 5, 2014 On the same day, he also changed his Twitter bio, after the news of his appointment as Microsoft’s new CEO went public. …

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Inactivity of Lady Gaga gets her demoted by Katy Perry

After being dethroned as most followed person on Twitter by Justin Bieber last January, celeb and Twitter Star Lady Gaga now gets demoted to the third spot in the Twitter top 100: most followers list, by Katy Perry. Lady Gaga, although she hasn’t been very active on Twitter since February, still got 33,260 new followers …

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10 tips to get ahead on Twitter in 2013

This blogpost was written by Twitter Counter’s co-founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (@Boris). As a platinum Twitter user (he joined as user #17463) he has compiled a list of tips for you to get ahead on Twitter in 2013. Be sure to also check out this blogpost with 5 tips on keeping your followers engaged in …

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