Blog archives for May, 2014.

10 Twitter facts and figures you need to know

Twitter facts

Twitter is a powerful way to engage in different conversations and build realtionships with your community. And since we are Twitter nerds in love with Twitter, every now and then we like to share interesting facts with each other that we just have to share with you too! Ready? These are the top ten Twitter facts …

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Twitter content curation for extremely busy people


Posting great content is good for your Twitter statistics and the first step to higher engagement rates and more Twitter followers. The question is, how do you find amazing content to tweet? Well your own awesome stuff is a great start, but if you live by the 80/20 rule, you might need to look at other …

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Social Media Marketing: the 10 best Twitter accounts to follow


The social media landscape changes fast. Which means that if you use social media for business, staying up to date with all the latest on social media marketing can be a challenge. So how do you keep up with best practices and tips to take your social media marketing efforts to the next level? Twitter …

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Are you a Twitter taker or giver?

Twitter robot

Twitter can be a great tool for promoting yourself or your business but as a social medium it requires engagement. After all, interacting with fellow tweeters is not only good for your Twitter stats, but also for your karma. So how would you characterize yourself as a tweeter? Are you a giver or a taker? …

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Top 4 features you might be missing out on

twitter stats

As we would like to help you get more out of Twitter, we continuously develop and add more features. With so many tools at your disposal, we want to make sure you’re finding exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we wanted to tell you about our top 4 Premium features you might be missing …

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Twitter Counter users that are nailing it on their profiles

Twitter Counter custom profiles

A few days ago we showed you how easy it is to boost your online presence and make your Twitter Counter profile more SEO friendly. Looking for some inspiration? Check out how some of our amazing users already crafted their own custom profile descriptions and improved their online presence. Great job guys! Follow their lead and optimize …

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Quick Tip: Optimize your Twitter Counter profile in one simple step


Twitter is a great way to build your online presence. Yet, you have just 160 characters to describe yourself in your profile’s bio. Wish there was more? Well, there is! And it couldn’t get any simpler. You can now edit the description of your Twitter Counter profile to make it a bit more SEO-friendly and …

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The worst advice you’ve ever heard about Twitter


You’ve probably received a ton of advice from friends, coworkers or online sources on best practices for making the most out of Twitter. Some is good, some is bad and some other is really bad. Well, we chose to share with you the absolutely worst advice we’ve ever heard about Twitter and you might have …

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How to increase the click through rate of your tweets

Twitter clicks

Follower growth, retweets and mentions are some of the metrics you should definitely consider when defining your Twitter success. But the click-through rate of your tweets, in other words the number of clicks on the links you share on Twitter, is equally important. Wondering how to get people to click on your links on Twitter? …

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