Blog archives for February, 2014.

Top 7 things successful brands do on Twitter


Twitter is a powerful tool of engagement and brands are well aware of that, as more and more are now using the network for customer support and marketing. There’ve even been brands that did not hesitate to “fight” over a customer on Twitter! So there’s definitely a lot to learn from brands’ best Twitter practices. Let’s …

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11 unforgettable Twitter moments from the Sochi Olympics

Sochi Twitter Moments

The Sochi Olympics are officially over but they sure left us with some unique, memorable Twitter moments. Let’s take a look: Opening Ceremony Who can forget the Olympic rings malfunction during the opening ceremony? Was it a sign for what was to follow? One thing’s for sure: this moment got tweeted like no other! Four …

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New design for Twitter Counter profile pages


A few weeks ago we introduced Twitter Counter’s new responsive layout that will help improve the user’s experience even more. Today, we are excited to announce another major redesign for the Twitter Counter profile pages! This is just the beginning of a new, fresh, user-friendly Twitter Counter. More exciting updates are coming soon! New page layout …

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10 Twitter tips & tricks to keep your followers engaged

Tips for Twitter Engagement

With more than 500 million tweets being sent on a typical day and 115 million active Twitter users every month, your tweets could easily be buried under the pile. So how can you make sure your account doesn’t go unnoticed? Here are 10 easy to follow tips to improve your Twitter engagement by getting more …

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Happy birthday Twitter Widget!

Twitter Widgets

Our Twitter Widget is five! February 12, 2009 marks an important date for Twitter Counter as on that day we launched one of our first tools: TwitterRemote (later renamed to simply Twitter Widget). Just as Twitter Counter could be described in its first days as Feedburner for Twitter, you could say that TwitterRemote was like MyBlogLog for …

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Sochi Problems wins the Twitter Games

Sochi Problems

The Sochi Winter Olympics launched last Friday and they have already taken Twitter by the storm! From malfunctions at the opening ceremony to the Games’ first gold medalists to team Norway’s stylistic choices, it has all been tweeted and retweeted countless times, making the Sochi Games viral. Yet, there has been one “olympic” Twitter phenomenon that …

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Use Twitter to build your brand’s community

Twitter Community

If you tweet for a living, we guess your mantra is “engage, engage, engage”. You probably live and breathe community engagement, looking up Twitter tips and tricks and staying on top of your Twitter stats to see what works and what doesn’t. Yet sometimes, really engaging with your Twitter followers can be a challenge. How do …

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What happens to your Twitter account once you are Microsoft’s CEO?

After four years of idleness, his first tweet is about his commitments as a Microsoft’s CEO. first commitment as CEO…i won’t wait 4 years between tweets! — Satya Nadella (@satyanadella) February 5, 2014 On the same day, he also changed his Twitter bio, after the news of his appointment as Microsoft’s new CEO went public. …

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How healthy is your Twitter profile?

A few days ago, we predicted that Katy Perry would cross the 50 million Twitter followers milestone, which she did. Our prediction was picked up by some of the world’s largest media outlets such as the Business Insider, Yahoo and many more! Katy must be doing something right on Twitter, right? Well, whether you aspire …

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