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by Reynaldo Caacbay, posted 4 years ago
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In today’s blogpost we will show you how we used Twitter Counter’s compare tool, trying to ‘predict’ 😉 the winner of this seasons’ talent show The Voice US . The compare tool is a powerful Premium Stats feature that enables you to compare up to 10 Twitter handles on number of followers, relative growth and tweets. And because everybody – well at least here at Twitter Counter – is watching The Voice US, we thought it would be cool to use the compare tool.

How are the candidates doing on Twitter?
From the 12 contestants we compared the top 6 most promising candidates on last week’s live performance:

Jermain Paul, @JermainPaul, 15,955 followers
Chris Mann, @IamChrisMann, 20,620 followers
Raelynn, @Raelynn, 32,016 followers
Lindsey Pavao, @LindseyPavao, 18,021 followers
Erin Willet, @erin_willett, 10,935 followers
Jesse Campbell, @singjessesing, 9,642 followers

At this moment Raelynn is absolutely leading in followers: 32,016.

Twitter Stats Raelynn

But to be honest, Raelynn already had a slight advantage over her other contestants with having +11,000 followers before The Voice even started. Jermain Paul en Chris Mann started with around 10,000 followers. And Erin Willet and Lindsey Pavao just got active on Twitter in January, one month before the first episode in the US started.

The contestants are still young artists, who might not be able to make it big on their own and now try to make it through The Voice. Success in The Voice heavily depends on the public, who are continuously asked to vote on their favorites. So a large amount of followers i.e. the greatest reach on Twitter will definitely help in their chances to win.

But, when looking at relative growth Raelynn isn’t the leading lady. Here she finished second on the evening of the show’s elimination round on TV. The number #1 when it comes to gaining followers the fastest, is Jesse Campbell. But to be fair he is nowhere in the top 3 when it comes to absolute numbers. And when reach is leading, the more interesting thing to look at in this graph is the growth ratio of the number 1 and 2 in absolute followers. Since yesterday our number 2 – Chris Mann (@IamChrisMann) got a growth spurt growing much faster than Raelynn (@Raelynnofficial).

Twitter Stats The Voice US contestants

So: while Raelynn is the Queen of Twitter compared to the other contestants – it might be changing when Chris Mann can keep this increasing growth ratio up. If so, he could surpass her in a very short while and become the number 1 when it comes to reach on Twitter. And by doing so, hopefully get more fans of The Voice to vote on him.

Of course this data can’t really predict the winner of The Voice US, it was just fun to play around with. But as more data comes in over time it’s interesting to see if there is some correlation between the succes of all these artists in the show and their success Twitter.


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