Tracking: Madonna

by Reynaldo Caacbay, posted 4 years ago
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The black and white video for Madonna’s latest single, “Girl Gone Wild” dropped Tuesday night. And since its launch, a large number of people on Twitter are talking about the new controversial music video. A great chance for us to show you the awesome power of Twitter Tracker!

Twitter tracker allows you to identify general attitudes towards your brand, or any subject you would like to track on Twitter. In our case monitoring what people say on Twitter about the new Madonna music video. We’ve been tracking tweets since March 21 and based on those tweets 87% of the Twitter users in general think that the video is wild, hot and very well done.

The other 13% thinks it’s inappropriate, a reductive version of Alejandro by Lady Gaga and that Madonna is way too old to be doing a music video like Girl Gone Wild.

Check out our Madonna’s Twitter Tracker here or click on the graphs below.

MDMA, “Girl Gone Wild”

Well, do you like Madonna’s new music clip? Let us know in the comments.


  • Just because a person is over 30 doesn’t mean they’re not sexy nor have they stopped having sex. It’s past time for the youth-oriented culture to take a back seat. Don’t like the video? Jealous? You should hope to look that good at her age and if you are Madonna’s age … you probably don’t … not even close!

  • JamesCiccone

    I bloody LOVE it! the most explosive video for 2012!

  • Awesome! I love Madonna!!

  • Dee Mooney

    Absolutely magic!
    Wonderful boppy music, great scenes, fabulous bodies (especially Madonna’s!) upbeat chorography .. perfect. Oh .. I’m female & close to Madge’s age!

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