Can Twitter predict the Super Bowl winner?

by Reynaldo Caacbay, posted 4 years ago
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Exciting times ahead for fans of the Giants and Patriots this Sunday because of the Super Bowl. A fun way to ‘predict’ the winner of this years’ Super Bowl, is by looking at their follower growth on Twitter. Totally non-substantive but wouldn’t it be cool if it had some predictive value?

So… how are the two teams doing on Twitter?
The Patriots are leading in followers: 307,000 vs the 220,000 followers of the Giants. But to be honest, the Patriots did have more time to build their community as they started their Twitter adventure on March 14, 2009.

The Giants started two years later, in 2011, and they are really catching up right now. The difference between the two teams is a little bit over 85,000 followers. Although it might be a bit easier now to get more followers, then back in 2009 when less people where using Twitter, this is still an impressive score by the Giants. Like on January 23, when the giants won the game against the San Francisco 49ers, gaining 15,000+ followers in just 4 days!

The Patriots aren’t to mess with either. They truly spiked big time with gaining 28,000+ followers in 4 days from January 14 due, when playing the Denver Broncos and winning this game.

Spike in followers for the Patriots on the 13th

Also the tweet of @ochocinco a day before this game must have helped. He sent out this call-to-action to his 3,204,927 followers:

But the Giants have Curtis Jackson A.K.A. 50cent on their side, which is a big fan of the NY Giants and made this painfully clear by making a bet with somebody on Twitter:

It’s 50’s way (5,751,980 followers) to hype his team and getting all excited, but unfortunately he didn’t mentioned the Twitter name @Giants and that could be the reason why the Giants didn’t gained thousands of new followers on Twitter by this ” Million dollar” tweet. Mr. Curtis Jackson, if you really want The Giants to win: do mention them, aaaiighht?!

Tweet per minute?
Twitter made their own Super Bowl scoreboard called the The Road to the Super Bowl. The site tracks all conversations and mentions about this years Super Bowl, and shows who’s winning when it comes to the most tweets per minute. I think it’s obvious that the teams who made it to the finals every time, spiked in followers due to massive retweeting / sharing / cheering their team on Twitter.

And the winner is…
So far, the Patriots has a slight advantage over the Giants, but the kickoff is scheduled for coming Sunday 6:30 p.m. (ET) from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and with 50cent as biggest fan,  this game is far from over. Do you also want to track and compare other twitter accounts? We got you covered.


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